Encouraging Start

Osman Mirghani – Khartoum

Minister of the Cabinet Affairs, Eng. Khalid Omer Yusuf, visited the head office of the Strategic Planning Council General Secretariat two days ago.

After which, he tweeted that he visited the Strategic Planning Council centre to stand on the performance of its units and departments, adding that he listened to detailed explanation from the officials on the roles of the Council and the challenges facing the institutional reform, which is one of the main tasks of the transitional government.

It goes without saying that the centre has its pivotal role in making the plans of following its implementation in harmony to ensure achieving the aspired national goals.

The visit of Yusuf will be followed by other tours to the centres related to planning and information on activating it towards playing its role in the national building process.

No doubt, it is a promising start considering that one of the biggest mistakes of the successive regimes in Sudan was its negligence to the strategic planning; a matter that resulted to the continuous failure of the governments since independence.

We urge Yusuf to continue his tours to complete his mission by issuing a decision to affiliate the National Information Centre to the General Statistical apparatus and change its name to (The Central Statistical and Information Council).

The proposed council could supervise the implementation of the electronic government and finish with the task in a short time. While it is not required from the council to implement, but its role will be just consultative in setting the standards according to which the private sector will implement, hence completing the electronic government programme within the remaining period of 2021.

The infrastructure of the electronic government is available as Sudatel managed to construct the most advanced data centre on which other operators can upgrade networking between the public facilities and even with non-governmental institutions.

We believe that the golden goal is available and under the feet of Eng. Yusuf, but what we need is accelerating the rhythm.

Thanks Minister Khalid Omer Yusuf.

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