New Transit, Directly to Washington

Siddiq Dalai

Usually in our third world we are exhausted from the global axes game cunningly playing with the geography and history of the nations through economic mentality and political dominance, which are involved in actuating the governments and states with figures, circles and lobbies.

Let us take the axes game as an example and how things go with the dominance of the US Administration in our Arab and African region.
Israel is the only constant, while all others are subject to change, and there is a long term religious calculation.

But let us concentrate only on the apparent political and related interests of the top of the iceberg.

In most cases, the US Administration choses its game with concentration, malice, and broad understanding towards our aspirations, considering its interests as a commercial nation with an adventurer spirit is what qualified the US to control the world according to the constants it sponsors, allegedly.

For instance, Qatar wants to lead the Middle East, motivated by the US Administration in order to weaken Saudi Arabia and create fascinating rivalry while the two countries have blood and religious relations.

The question that poses itself is how come such an infernal idea tricked the two countries? This resulted in antagonism amid Gulf States in its most difficult years while the US Administration was happy for the success of its tactics.

The US Administration managed to convince Saudi Arabia that Iran is the accursed Satan in order to motivate Saudi Arabia to lead the Muslim world.

Iran is a natural enemy to the US Administration due to the latter’s daring and big dreams, besides the mentality of its people who insist that the Quds belongs to Muslims; a matter that Tel Aviv fears.

In Turkey, the US Administration played to the tune of Othman Emperor and the necessity of its return under the leadership of Istanbul, so Turkey was stimulated with standing ovation to weaken the Saudi/Egyptian axis!
The US Administration continued dealing with us in Sudan indirectly, and this is an extreme insult.

Even if a Sudanese official, such as the Foreign Minister, was to visit Washington he would have been received by his counterpart for few minutes. This is due to the minor effect Sudan has on American economic and political interests.

The US Administration deals with Sudan in proxy through the axes, through Cairo, Riyadh or Abu Dhabi. That is apparent because Sudan receives the US messages through those capitals.

But after December’s glorious revolution, the status seems to move better via a different political will, as the world had recognized the type of the change and the scope of the awareness towards a peaceful revolution which expressed the desire of the nation towards democracy and freedoms.

The new transit will be directly to Washington if Sudan moves with steady steps and different desire towards democratic society, along with economic endeavor which shows the desire of the revolutionists.

We must understand that it is not easy to acquire the respect of the US Administration three decades of our ruler’s verbal threats that they will destroy each of USA and Russia!

During the war of Vietnam, while Hanoi was under heavy bombing, the Vietnamese Minister of Education directed building school from atop trunks of trees to avoid disrupting people’s minds; that was the main reason for America’s defeat.

Another sample is that Iran’s resilience was not out of the blue, but through the manifestations of the Iranians in building a strong economy that managed to confront all types of sanctions and heading to become a recognized state in the nuclear club.

The search for bread, or floating the Sudanese pound to stop the economic collapse in Sudan are essential reasons, but it is the weakness of production in millions of arable lands in our vast countries with its waters, climate and the expertise of its people.

We should link between the aspired independent political will and the production of the Sudanese people who should exert all efforts in this regard, along with establishing a rule-of-law state.

There are good omens these days from the international financial institutions in supporting our collapsing economy, through some important procedures which will assist in our economic independence.
Let us hope.

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