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Rapid Support Forces Command Inspects Forces Stationed in Al Fashaqa

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Khartoum — Today, the Rapid Support Forces Command inspected the armed forces and the Rapid Support Forces, which are stationed in the Al Fashaqa area in the state of Gedaref. And stood on the focal points on the ground for the deployment of forces in the region and the readiness and readiness, as the visit included several fulcrums.

Major General Othman Muhammad Hamid, Head of Operations Department of the Rapid Support Forces, addressed the forces and saluted the martyrs of duty and honor to recover the stolen right and said, visit us today and we are proud of you and grateful for the efforts you have made in order to protect the soil of this precious country.

He added: We do not say thank you because this is your duty and your role as sons and men of Sudan, but what we are all Sudan’s willing martyrs. We will not, one and all, give this great and precious legacy, the legacy of our ancestors, until we become what they have become.

And he added, “With you, Sudan rises to glory and its flag soars ever higher, with its enemy’s hands not gaining an inch of its land. Now you are experiencing adversity and defying death for our Sudan to live high among the nations”

Stressing, “We came to you and found your eyes that do not sleep from observing the enemies of the homeland, protecting its soil, you believed what you pledged to the people”

Major General Othman Muhammad Hamid also praised the full cooperation and coordination between the armed forces and the Rapid Support Forces.

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