Successful Tour

M.H. Nuwar – Khartoum

Unlike previous tours, Prime Minister, Dr. Abdallah Hamadok was accompanied by top officials from trade, diplomacy and security affairs, and managed to launch two successive visits to each of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

This round was different for the Prime Minister – especially his visit to Egypt – as it was apparent that he entered directly into addressing the practical programmes in his session with a group of Egyptian elites and experts, a matter which is different in the practices of Dr. Hamadok externally or externally.

In Saudi Arabia, it was the first time in which Dr. Hamadok met with the Saudi Crown Prince where they discussed the economic aspects, along with the Red Sea security issues, which Saudi Arabia gives special concern, as it is related to the arrangements if a settlement was reached in Yemen war.

This simply means that it will be in favor of  Saudi Arabia and Sudan to enter into partnership on the security and political issues.

In Cairo, it was observed that GERD issues were strongly present in the talks during which it was apparent the consistent and coordination between Cairo in Khartoum towards the second filling of the dam, a matter which means that the unilateral filling by Ethiopia will be confronted jointly from Sudan and Egypt irrespective the type of confrontation whether being technical or diplomatic or any other option.

May be it is the first time for Khartoum and its transitional era to raise the issue of Halaib, a move which means that Sudan is heading to open the dossier, but this time, and due to the nature of the ongoing alliance and the improved relations, it seems that the cordial discussions and proposals will prevail according to a mechanism that doesn’t contradict the coordination between the two capitals.

To sum it up, we can consider the visits of Hamadok to each of Cairo and Riyadh were successful in regard to its announced general outcomes, besides presenting the image of the civil rule within the foreign relations frankly may be for the first time.

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