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Towards Social Welfare State

Muawad Mustafa Rashid – Khartoum

One of the ousted regime crimes was separating the citizens from the state. This was very clear as the ousted regime monopolized and benefited from the state by harnessing it to serve the interests of the rulers.

The ousted regime caused a deep break between the state and the citizen, a matter that made the citizens feel weird and hostility towards the state.

The major reason for December uprising was the desire of the people to return to the warmth of their state.

The transitional government should recognize that, and accordingly work out a plan to establish the social welfare state which makes the citizen feel that he is actually close to the state through the performance of its institutions.

The relation between the citizen and the state starts with an inspiring optimistic address that creates hope.

The transitional government must distance itself from the dirty practices of the ousted regime towards the citizens which intended to humiliate the people by telling them to (lick their elbows) or (We will hand over the regime to Eisa!).

We believe that Sudan, after December’s glorious revolution, took its first step towards retrieving the relation between the citizen and the state.

All the indicators now show that Sudan is on the right track as it managed to return to the civilian rule and brought an end to the international isolation.

Indicators such as recent statements made by prime minister Dr. Abdallah Hamadok on their attempts to concentrate on investing in the human capabilities, and to make radical change in the relation between the state and citizens through new approaches aiming at returning the confidence between both.

It is high time for the government to set effective institutions and policies to achieve the aspirations of the citizens, along with establishment of vital programme and projects to lay the foundation of a new state.

Hamadok called on the people to endure the complicated conditions of the transitional period because the aspired results of the government’s programme require joint efforts.

December’s glorious revolution, which threw out the NCP regime, is qualified to return the lost state to the people through its institutions, but the citizens should also give a hand instead of watching from the spectator seat.

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