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Burhan Gives Green Light to Comprehensive Reconciliation Includes Islamists

Staff Writer

The Chairman of the Sovereignty Council, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, gave the green light to the “Inclusive National Project Bloc – INPB” initiative for comprehensive national reconciliation.

INPB considered as a wide-ranging coalition that includes nearly thirty parties and organizations of various political shades.

The meeting took place between the bloc and Al-Burhan at his office today Tuesday 20th April 2021, after which the President of the bloc, Mr. Mahmoud Abdel-Jabbar said that Al-Burhan agreed to sponsor their initiative that calls for comprehensive reconciliation without banning any of the components of the Sudanese political arena from the right to the left, Islamists or secularists, from political parties to armed movements and the civil and regional communities or forums.

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