Good Brevity Makes Sense

Ghazi Al-Raih

Noble Capital Group, which had been assigned to deal with the presentation of Sudan’s dossier at the Paris Conference, was founded and registered in the United Kingdom on May 2020.

The pictures provided show the registration certificate issued by the registrar general in the UK.

Noble’s offices are in London and Mauritius, meaning that it is not an American company as Hamdok’s cabinet officials argue.

Is this because the agreement entered into was funded by the USAID? Hamdok’s cabinet officials did not demand security and technical data about the company.

Did the USAID actually assign Noble Capital or was the company’s name imposed and passed to them considering that the company – which Hamdok’s office is promoting – is less than one year old!

To those who ask “how did you know that it is the same company?”

The answer is that the representatives of Noble in Sudan who met with the government officials were William Otieno and Tom Guest (you’ll find their photos in the website of the company).

Comparing the names with the company’s register in the British Registrar General you will find the same names as the rest of the partners. Also on the website of the company, you will find their photo. (review: photo provided).

In short, the below document is a governmental decision on the formation of a committee to prepare for the Paris conference, including representatives from all the government institutions to arrange for the working papers and projects which will be presented by the Sudanese government in the conference.

The question: is there any parallel committee in Hamdok office with difference dossiers?

Honestly, in Hamdok’s office there are renowned experts e.g. Farouq Kamberisi, Prof. Nimir, etc…

Those experts have nothing to do with the ongoing mess, and the projects which will be presented are theirs.

The ministers, in particular Ibrahim Al-Sheikh Minister of Industry, Abu Nimo Minister of Mining, Khayri, former minister of Energy, and Al-Hadi of Investment are not aware about the parallel committee of Hamdok’s office.

Assuming that the parallel committee of Hamdok’s office included Einstein himself; wouldn’t it have been better to integrate them into the government committee?

Is the parallel working voluntary or otherwise?

Hamdok’s office has overstepped the authorizations of all the ministries.

As we said the USAID entered into contract with Noble company to arrange for the participation of Sudan in Paris conference and the investment form, and that the company was established and registered less than one year ago in the UK not USA as was promoted.

In the UK, there is a monitoring authority on the companies working in financial investment called the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which protects the consumers and the financial markets besides bossing the competition.

The FCA put Noble in the black list of suspicious companies which should not be dealt with because it is not registered in their log and its measures have not been approved yet.

This information could be obtained from the FCA website

After all the above information, our honorable government is insisting on dealing with the said company and giving it an office in SUDAPET, as well as approval for access to information from all ministries and government institutions because it was brought by the USAID.

We will reap what we sow.

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