Lukewarm Reception by Arab Rulers

Omer B. Abu Haraz

Sadly and unfortunately, the lukewarm reception of the Sudanese presidents by the Arab rulers, especially in the Gulf, became commonplace and a humiliating departure from the diplomatic protocols of presidential visits to countries.

Before the era of the ousted regime, Sudanese presidents were respected and well-received in all countries. Presidents like Nemieri, Azhari, Abboud, Al-Mahjoub and Abdallah Khalil.

The President and the incubator of the regime – the Islamic Movement – committed grave mistakes in foreign policies and strategies e.g. hosting the Islamic terrorist leaders in a conference in Khartoum in 1992 – 1994, supporting Saddam Hussein in his invasion and annexation of Kuwait in 1991; against the consensus of all Arab leaders except Ali Abdallah Salih of Yemen and PLO.

Those grave mistakes led to animosity from all Arab leaders.

It also led to the isolation of Sudan from the international community, which culminated in the American and European sanctions; together with the inclusion of Sudan in the American list of states sponsoring terrorism.

The other serious mistake was the disastrous policies and acts in dealing with Darfur’s civil wars.

The regime opted for the killing of civilians in an unacceptable use of excessive force in systematic killing, genocide, rape, and aerial bombing using prohibited ammunitions.

This led to the involvement of the UN with its toughest Chapter VII.

This led to the adoption of the UNSC resolution which introduced – for the first time in Sudan – more than 26,000 Blue Helmets UN forces (UNAMID).

It also allowed the International Criminal Court (ICC) to issue arrest warrants to more than 50 Sudanese top officials including President Al-Bashir himself.

Since that time, Al-Bashir became an outcast with very restricted movements and visits.

The Islamic regime adopted the policies of appeasing all Gulf state leaders albeit with their differences on the issue of Global Muslim Brotherhood.

Al-Bashir tried to move in the grey area between the axis of KSA, UAE and Egypt and the axis of Qatar, Turkey and Iran. The first axis outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood and the other supported it.

The reception of Al-Bashir at the gulf area countries was humiliating in all of KSA, UAE, and Qatar.

In his last visit to Doha, he was received by the state minister of foreign affairs and remained for 24 hours before moving and meeting the Emir of Qatar.

Again sadly and unfortunately the humiliating reception series continued last weeks in Qatar.

Lt. Gen. Al-Burhan, who is now the head of Sudan, was badly received at the airport by the same state minister and also stayed 24 hours in a hotel (not a presidential accommodation), before meeting the Emir (the visit of Al-Burhan was on an invitation by the Emir). We cannot blame Arab leaders, we blame ours.

They have to remember the pride and integrity of Sudanese rulers, who are some of the eldest on the globe. They have to remember our Great Kingdom of Kush (1070 B.C. to 350 A.D.) which ruled Egypt for 100 years during the 25th Dynasty of the Pharaohs.

They have to remember that Sudan is equally rich with its huge renewable water resources, agriculture, and livestock in comparison with the depleting resources of the others.

They have to remember that the first world in America and Europe is genuinely respecting Sudan and putting it in the focus of their interests.

They want to help it and build it as a hub for geographical and food security.

Soon Sudan will be a food provider to the world and the security watchdog to the region, including the Gulf countries.

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