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Military Forces Congregate in Mogadishu

Staff Writer

Military activities are now reported part of the capital Mogadishu as troops who have traveled from Lower Shabelle region have also arrived in the city. Other forces from the same region will soon reach in Mogadishu.

Police and military forces led by General Odowa Yusuf Rage and General Bihi are now moving around the statue of Daljir Dahson in Mogadishu, preparing to raid the home of former President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud in mirinaio neighborhood of Mogadishu.

Public vehicles have been banned from using FIAD Road to the Daljir monument. With dozens of military vehicles and heavily armed soldiers standing there.

Credible reports confirm that a plot to assassinate President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud will take place tonight.

Troops and military vehicles from the Middle Shabelle region are in Karan and Abdiaziz districts, while Finance Minister Abdiramaan Belye confirmed tonight that the government will not be able to pay the salaries of civil servants and troops and backing government donors had stopped all financial support.

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