Paris Conference and its Participants

Ghazi Al-Raih

It is a conference for Sudan`s friends and donors, and it is an economic conference to help Sudan economically.

The economic conference does not exceed three hours!! But there is an accompanying program at the Arab Institute, these are economic and political seminars and art and cultural exhibitions to introduce Sudan and the December revolution.

Various committees were formed to select people to represent Sudan in various fields, and of course the committees worked with the style of my friend and his friend (Nepotism), and there were no criteria for selection, and I know that some of those chosen are planning and scheming to stay in France and not return to Sudan; a scandal that adds to our many international scandals.

Mrs. Heba, the former Acting Minister of Finance, and who is not known to have an official capacity in the government now (but if someone knows, we hope they shed light) selected a number of businessmen to represent Sudan, including:

Mo Ibrahim to represent Sudanese businessmen. He is a businessman of Sudanese roots who does not even own a cart to his name in Sudan!! Does this Mo represent Sudan or Chatham House?!

Wagdy Mirghani to present an economic paper in the name of Sudanese businessmen, who is accused in the money laundering report at the Public Prosecution and in the PTA loan investigation committee, which was personally submitted two years ago to the Attorney General directly, the complete file that contains evidence and evidence of the seizure of Wajdi and Badr al-Din Mahmoud and Hazem Mustafa and Ayman al-Mamoun received 950 million euros (the equivalent of one billion and two hundred million dollars), the value of the loan that was transferred to Sudan as a debt !! And it is the same file that The Sentry, an investigative group specializing in money laundering and tracking it up in the global financial system, published in its famous file, The Loan wolves!!

The question…

Is it justified that the executive government, Hamdok, and his posse see that the Federation of Employers and the Chamber of Commerce are political bodies par excellence (FACT) and do not represent the real Sudanese businessmen?

That is why Heba skipped them in her choices and chose businessmen who have no business in Sudan or accused of money laundering cases And stealing loans to represent Sudan?!

Why have the committees and their coordinators not been announced and nor was the criteria for selecting the participants in the conference’s activities that are taking place on the sidelines of the conference?

Is the selection made based on the supporters of the poor executive government gaining membership in the parties and the “Thank You Hamdok“ group??

Gentlemen, and members of the Federation of Employers and Chambers of Commerce, can we hear from you the details of the last meeting in the presence of Heba??

Khaled Silik invited the warring and conflicting groups in the Paris conference to meet with him tomorrow, and asked them not to escalate or leak.

Among the numerous ploys that the Council of Ministers and Hamdok’s Office create are the forms of service contracts for the government, which are always paid by international organizations such as USAID and they escaped from the terms of the government contract – stating that any government contract opens a tender – and that it is the funding party for any service project for the government, which is entrusted with opening the bid, and it chooses the implementing companies, and this happens with USAID, like “a project on Sudan”, the film that will be shown at the Paris conference, and the contracting with the organizer company named Noble; a foreign company owned by two people, one Kenyan and the other American. Rumors were circulating about it being an American company, but it was proven that it was registered in Mauritius.

In summary, all contracts of the Council of Ministers and Hamdok office are not done through the Ministry of Finance, but rather through USAID, and in order to avoid the legal issue in requiring the government contract to announce and open a tender (no one had received any invitation for a bid with the Hamdok office and the Ministers council) by passing the companies and the individuals wanted to work with the USAID funder or other organisetions to implement the contract and project!!

Questions to the staff of Hamdok’s office(Aisha Al-Barir) and the office of Minister of Cabinet Affairs Khaled Selk (Ahmed Kudoda, Asjed) and the supervisors of the Paris conference (Omar Qamar Al-Din):

-In which country is Noble registered?? And did you see its registration??

-What are the experiences of Noble, the strength of its employees, the projects it has implemented, and the locations of its offices in Sudan or outside Sudan ??

-Mr. Hatim Gattan, can you confirm the date of entry of the American and Kenyan company owners into Sudan, and their place of residence in Sudan, before contracting and before staying at the Rotana Hotel??

-Will this company be given all of Sudan’s economic files (national product in years, collection rates and collection revenues for taxes and customs, strategic stocks, cash mass, deposits and assets, etc…)??

-How can projects suchs as “Hanabniho” and other high authority government projects have their contractor companies be chosen by International organizations??

-On the topic of Noble, Mohammed Elfaki and Khalid Omer Yousif, it has reached you and you have turned a blind eye, but I won’t.

I will continue in my articles if the democratic transition is real in Sudan

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