US Marines Volunteer with young Sudanese to prepare Ramadan Iftar

Staff Writer

A number of US Marines members volunteered at the US Embassy yesterday to extend a helping hand to the Sudanese youth.

The initiative of proven deeds is an initiative that includes volunteers from a number of organizations including; “Basma Khair”. “Arrows of Giving” and “Bab El-Hawaj”, an initiative that works on a daily basis throughout the month of Ramadan, provides free Ramadan Iftar to more than 1500 Person.

The US Marines worked side by side with the young Sudanese in loading food and juices from the main center of cars heading to nine different locations in Khartoum. In an authentic expression of the spirit of Ramadan, the youth insisted that they provide the Marines with traditional juices in the holy month such as Hibiscus and Tamarind juices, and the leader of the Marine group expressed his thanks, saying, “I was overjoyed to see these young people volunteer for their communities. I have lived Ramadan in many Countries, but what I saw in Khartoum is indescribable.”

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