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Freedom and Change Chooses New Civilian Component Of Sovereign Council, And Freezes Powers Of Central Council

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Khartoum Friday, May 21— for the second time, a meeting including a large number of political forces, a gathering of professionals, some demanding bodies, national initiatives, and feminist platforms to continue the discussion on the National Umma Party initiative to address the crisis of freedom and change and the transitional situation, and the meeting reviewed the paper of the committee emanating from the initiative and concerned with unifying visions of political forces Which took a week in its work since last Friday.

All the visions presented agreed to work for the unity of all components of the forces of freedom and change and the entities of the living revolution of resistance committees and youth forces, as well as activating the role of the Freedom and Change Forces within the government and implementing the priorities of the transitional period.

According to what was stated in the constitutional document In addition to the establishment of a general conference for all components of the revolution from political forces, civil society organizations, professionals and youth forces in a period not exceeding fourteen days to structure the forces of freedom and change to terrorize all components of the revolution.

The meeting approved a recommendation to develop the Freedom and Change Charter to accommodate the variables of the transitional period and fill the gaps in the constitutional document and protect it from any excesses and breaches.

Presenting a matrix of solutions to the security and economic crises and agreeing on the guidelines for external relations with all transparency and clarity to meet the aspirations of the Sudanese people.

The meeting stressed the need to unite around a clear vision of the institutions of the transitional period, and to define clear mechanisms for their implementation that meet the aspirations of the people.

The need to choose a new civilian component of the Sovereignty Council that is able to implement the outputs of what is agreed upon by the forces of the revolution was stressed.

The meeting also stressed the need to choose a legislative council that represents all components of the revolution, and the need to define a clear and transparent mechanism to follow up the government’s performance in an evaluation and evaluation while supporting the positive and working towards Addressing the negatives and stopping all manifestations of cash flow in the country.

Establishing a clear and transparent mechanism for selecting state governors according to conditions that provide efficiency, integrity and public support. As well as defining a clear and transparent mechanism for selecting agreed upon heads of commission, following up the performance of civil service directors, measuring their performance level in the previous period, reviewing selection mechanisms, and working to uncover all manifestations of financial and administrative corruption in the previous period.

The proposals recommended preparing for the civilian component to assume its presidential term of the Sovereignty Council according to the constitutional document, and work to involve civilian forces in structuring and reforming security, military and police institutions and enforcing security arrangements for all armed forces to fall under the banner of the armed forces.

The meeting approved the transformation of the National Umma Party’s initiative into an initiative of all political forces with freedom and change.

The meeting confirmed that the current Central Council does not represent the political incubator and demanded the necessity to address the state apparatus for not adopting any decisions issued by it until the founding conference is held and a new council is chosen that represents freedom and change and the security of the meeting.

The meeting decided to hold the founding conference within fourteen days to structure freedom and change, and to assume responsibility for the state of deterioration and isolation between the political incubator and the street of the current Central Council.

The meeting approved converting the technical committee for the initiative into a preparatory committee and expanding it to include all political forces, taking into account the required balance

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