Receiving the Investigation Committee results on 29th Ramadan Events: Important Step Towards Achieving Justice

Al-Sammani Awadallah

The Sudanese Armed Forces have taken a courageous step by handing those involved in the killing of the two martyrs Osman Ahmed Badr-ad-deen and Mudathir Mukhtar, who were among the protestors in anniversary of the massacre of 29th Ramadan 2019, besides the Army’s lifting the immunity.

President of the Transitional Sovereign Council, Commander-in-Chief of the Sudanese Armed Forces, 1st lt. Gen. Abdul Fattah Al-Burhan has handed over to the Attorney General, Taj Al-Sir Ali Al-Hibir, the investigation committee on Ramadan 29th events’ results of the procedures in the presence of member of the Sovereign Council, Mohammed Al-Faki Suleiman, Minister of Defence, representative of the Forces of Freedom and Change and the Director of Military Judicial Administration.

The results included a list of those suspected of involvement in the events, with the lifting of their immunity, indicating the initiation of legal procedures by the Public Prosecution to search the final results, confirming transparency and preserving rights, and in the interest of the safety, security and reassurance of citizens.

The Sudanese Armed Forces had earlier announced the initiation of an investigation through a committee tasked with knowing the circumstances surrounding the events, and promised to expedite the delivery of its findings to the competent authorities.

The Public Prosecution affirmed that criminal lawsuits were registered under the provisions of Article 130 (willful killing) and Article 186 (crimes against humanity) against the accused on 5/11/2021, and ordered autopsy reports to indicate the injuries, their locations, types, and the direct causes of death.

Minister of the Council of Ministers, Khalid Omer Yusuf, affirmed that they have witnessed the first step of achieving justice on the killing of the two martyrs by live shots during the commemoration of the second anniversary of the 29th of Ramadan massacre.

He added that they met with the Army’s Commander-in-Chief after the completion of the investigations, disclosing that the results included 7 suspects on shooting and other 92 suspects from the armed forces.

Khalid affirmed that immunity was lifted from the suspects and that they were referred to the Attorney General, who in turn will conduct his investigations to pave the way for bringing them to justice according to fair and transparent trials.
He affirmed that they are keen that the justice will exclude nobody, adding that all the facts will be revealed to the public to achieve the slogans of December’s glorious revolution.

Public Prosecution Registers Criminal Law Suits

The Attorney General directed the Public Prosecution to supervise the autopsy besides contacting the Police Criminal Laboratories Directorates and the incident’s theatre in order to take the necessary technical actions inside the morgue.

On 12/05/2021, the Public Prosecution supervised the technical procedures in visiting the crime scene to lift the substantial evidences to take the necessary steps inside Bashaer morgue.

A day later, the Public prosecution received the final results from the forensics, which proved that the death of the two martyrs were due rives in the left lung and heart, as well as hemorrhage.

The Attorney General officially addressed the Army’s Chief of Staff and the General Directorate of the Military Judiciary to hand the suspects and the weapons used in the killing in order to complete the investigations and bring the culprits to book.

Criminal lawsuits were registered under the provisions of Article (130) and Article (186) against the accused.

Positive Step:

The steps were received with relief by the Sudanese community, considering them as positive steps towards reshaping the characteristics of justice in Sudan.

The investigations will reveal those involved in the incidents and those who ordered the shooting on the revolutionists on the 29th of Ramadan.

The step will definitely lead to strengthening the confidence towards the Sudanese judiciary and designing the features of the Sudanese State in the upcoming stage.

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