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Sovereignty Council accepts Resignation of Attorney General and relieves Chief Justice

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Khartoum — The Transitional Sovereignty Council decided in its periodic meeting headed by the First Vice President of the Council, Lieutenant General Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo at the Republican Palace this evening, accepting the resignation of Professor Taj Al-Sir Al-Rabbi from his position as Attorney General of the Republic of Sudan.

Professor Muhammad al-Faki Suleiman, a member of the Sovereignty Council, the official spokesperson for the Council, said in a press statement that the Council had exempted Professor Nemat Abdullah Muhammad Khair from her position as head of the judiciary.

Al-Faki explained that the Attorney General had submitted his resignation several times before, but this last time he was more insistent on stepping down from his post.

Al-Faki added that according to the terms of reference of the Sovereignty Council contained in Chapter Four of the Constitutional Document, the Council approves the appointment of the Chief Justice and the Judge of the Supreme Court and the President and members of the Constitutional Court after their nomination by the High Judicial Council.

Al-Faki stated that until the High Judicial Council is formed, the Transitional Sovereignty Council appoints the Chief Justice, and this order also applies to the Attorney General, according to what is contained in the document in the following paragraph: “The Council approves the appointment of the Public Prosecutor after his nomination by the Supreme Council of the Public Prosecution and until the formation of the Supreme Council for Public Prosecution The Sovereignty Council appoints the Attorney General. “

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