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Sudanese-Turkish talks led by Dagalo and Oktay in Ankara

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Ankara — Today, in the Turkish capital, Ankara, a session of official talks began between Sudan and Turkey, where Lieutenant General Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo, First Vice President of the Sovereignty Council, headed the Sudanese side, while the Turkish side headed the Vice President Fuad Oktay.

The talks dealt with issues of upgrading bilateral relations and means of enhancing joint cooperation in various fields, as well as coordination and cooperation in the following regional and international issues.

The two sides discussed developing relations in the fields of energy, oil, agriculture, livestock, infrastructure, roads and bridges, and transport and communications.

In the joint press conference, the First Deputy stressed the importance of relations with Turkey, pointing to the need to update and revitalize the agreements signed between the two countries, describing the fruitful discussions that took place between the two sides at the ministerial level, indicating that Sudan, after the change, will be open to the whole world to achieve the national interest.

Dagalo called on investors from all over the world, especially Turkey, to invest in Sudan, pointing out that Sudan has all the ingredients that qualify it to receive investors, noting that there are many challenges due to the secretions of the change that has occurred in the country, on top of which is the economic challenge, which the government seeks to overcome.

The First Vice President of the Sovereignty Council warned of the ongoing efforts to include Abdulaziz Al-Hilu in the peace process.

His Excellency affirmed Sudan’s firm position in adhering to its rights in the land of misery and working to resolve the crisis with Ethiopia through dialogue.

The First Vice President added that Sudan is keen to solve the Nahsa Dam crisis by consensus between the three countries, through an agreement that is binding on all parties.

He stressed the importance of bringing down the agreements signed with all the Turkish side to the ground in a way that achieves the interests of both parties, after reviewing and updating them categorically that the visit will have what comes after it.

His Excellency said that he had held bilateral discussions with the Turkish Vice President, Mr. Fuat Oktay, which discussed the issues that hinder the relations, affirming that solutions would be found on them.

For his part, Turkish Vice President Fuad Oktay welcomed the visit of the Sudanese delegation headed by Lieutenant General Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo, stressing that the talks confirmed the determination to activate joint cooperation.

Oktay said that his country attaches special importance to its relations with Sudan, considering the visit as the beginning of the re-strengthening of relations, announcing that his country stands and supports Sudan during the transitional phase.

We will exert our efforts to develop Sudan, and that the agreements signed between the two countries will establish relations on solid and strategic foundations, he said, stressing their intention to raise the volume of trade exchange between the two countries to one billion dollars, by investing in the fields of energy, oil, agriculture, livestock and other areas that Sudan enjoys.

Oktay assured that the commercial and economic partnership could witness great progress and development, categorically that there is a strong will between the parties to move forward with the relations of the two countries.

He stated that Sudan was subjected to financial and economic restrictions that impeded its progress, considering the decision to remove Sudan from the terrorism list a correct decision despite its delay, and said that his country does not want to see Sudan unable to benefit from its enormous resources.
His Excellency expressed his fear of the impact of the existing disputes over the Renaissance Dam and Fashaqah on the African continent, calling for a solution to them through dialogue.

He announced his country’s readiness to mediate between the parties in the issue of lust.

It is noteworthy that the ministerial delegation accompanying the First Vice President of the Sovereignty Council includes the ministers of agriculture, livestock, energy and oil, urban development, roads and bridges, and transportation.

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