The Paris Conference… Another Step Forward

Muawad Mustafa Rashid

One of the greatest changes in Sudan after the glorious revolution of December is in its foreign relations as it almost changed and Sudan came out of its long international isolation.

The French initiative represented a platform to deal with the new Sudan to allow it to meet the transitional challenges, hence accomplish the noble goals of the revolution in building the civil democratic state.

The conference was attended by several African and Arab top officials besides the regional and international organizations e.g. UN, EU, AU, AL, and international financial institutions.

The Sudanese government was well prepared for the event as it presented several investment plans and programmes.

Unfortunately, some of our idealists think that the revolution can achieve all its goals and shove off in a straight line without any setbacks; but this could only happen in the imaginary stories.

We should express appreciation to Dr. Hamdok’s government despite all its internal shortcomings, besides hailing the role of the great powers in providing support to Sudan to continue coming out from the ICU room.

Paris conference represented another unprecedented step forward and is a strong platform to go ahead to make the aspired renaissance and this could not be done without urgent internal effort.

The road is now paved to pass through swiftly but the approach and the system which the country is run today are not to the standards to achieve the aspirations of the people in seeing a prosperous nation.

However, the international community is just a catalyst, but the real work should be done by the Sudanese government and people.

It is high time to design a roadmap for a bright future particularly a national vision that leads to a consensual rational strategic plan.

It goes without saying that within a clear strategic plan the relations between the government and its people will be governed only by the performance and the achievements.

By doing this nobody will ask about the political party or tribe of religion or ethnicity of the top officials because the contractual relation is built on the already agreed upon benefits within the strategic plan.

Paris Conference is a historic opportunity in which all the Sudanese must unite their ranks to utilize its outcome to the maximum considering that there is no other way than working jointly to obtain the confidence of the international community.

Let us start from now building our modern state.

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