Wadi Halfa.. The Lost Paradise

Muawad Mustafa Rashid

Many may not know that the first public school in Sudan was established in 1883 in Wadi halfa, and was affiliated with the Egyptian government where education inspectors come to inspect the school from Aswan.

It was then annexed to government of the Sudan in 1904.

It was a mixed school, thus refuting allegation that girls’ education began in Rufa’a.  Even Rufa’a Rafie Al-Tahtawi school, which was established in Khartoum, did not last long after the outbreak of the Mahdist revolution.

Many did not know that the percentage of education on the eve of deportation (1962) was 75% of males and females aged between 6-16, compared to 28% of males and 8% of females of the same age group at the national level.

Many people are unaware that electricity entered Halfa city in 1898, 14 years before Khartoum enjoyed the electricity power.

Old Halfa Stadium was built in 1935, 19 years before the construction of Khartoum Stadium, dubbed the Grand Stadium.

Many people do not know that there had been an airport in Halfa since 1916, and it was receiving flights from London and Rome onboard of which tourists coming to the Bohain and Abu Simbel archaeological areas.

The first government formed after independence was composed of four ministers from Halfa.

Halfa is the lost paradise in Sudan.

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