Cancer Children in Sudan … A Slow Death – Part One

Mohamed Saad

The Sudan Hope organization, organized the intiative “Rakaez” to activate community construction by raising community awareness and activating the role of community responsibilities and building a bridge of smart partnerships through cooperation with organizations to qualify the ocean and raise the level of professionalism inside and address the ways of providing psychological care for all slides.

In this report, I ask Safaa Alassam Ahmed, Executive Director of Sudan Hope, what her thoughts are on this subject and ones like it.

Safa said the state was offered for free chemo-therapy doses for cancer children throughout the previous seven years. But 3 months ago a financial crisis hindered the provision of doses and was treated by gathering this saved the situation for a while but the state did not budge to address the root of the issue, leading to the shortage happening again…

I asked her about contacts with the Ministry of Health regarding the availability of information about the possibility of providing doses.

When asked if she sent a direct question to the Ministry of Health or medical supplies for the cause of deficit in providing doses, she said they are in a country that can not find an answer from such questions. All of the answers we were given said that doses have stopped and the price of one vacation exceeds 40 thousand pounds and you imagine the number of doses a child needs in a month.

As I would like to make it clear that the Hope Tower (governmental hospital for cancer) has 250 children needing weekly doses most of them poor areas do not have the ability to provide dosage amounts in addition to the inability to afford healthcare follow-up such as the appropriate tests and food.

I asked her for their efforts to provide doses and said he had only permissible to deploy doses in the form of donations through media and even if you could not collect donations. We could not pay attention to this problem and did not issue any reaction from the international community and organizations towards this problem.

Even the UNICEF previously rejected the support of the shelters on the terms that they require their signage front and center in return for any support.

She communicated with media managment of the Medical Supply authority, promising to provide any info related to the Chemo-Therapy of children, to be continued on the next part of this report.

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