Chief of Staff Dots the i’s and Crosses the t’s

Muawad Mustafa Rashid


The phenomenon of central governments recruiting special forces to assist the army in its mission in protecting the nation is not new. Most governments recruit special forces to conduct specific missions per the security situations.

The United States was the first nation that initiated this system through the formation of special fighting units under the name Special Weapon and Tactic Troops (SWAT) in the year 1967.

The mission of SWAT is to control all the violations of the ethnic and terrorism groups which the regular forces could not deal with.

The SWAT is strongly equipped and is distinguished by its swift movements to bring about control in record time.

The USA has also the Rapid Deployment Force (RDF) with almost the similar mission of SWAT but with more advanced equipment that includes airplanes, rockets, warships, and even submarines.

The establishment of such highly equipped and qualified forces saves a lot of effort and money. According to experts only a few numbers such forces can quell surprise attacks from insurgents.

In Sudan, the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) were established according to a legislative endorsed by the National Assembly in its 43rd session of the fourth round on 18th January 2017. According to its endorsed law, the RSF is national military forces aiming at enhancing the values of loyalty to Allah the Almighty and the nation, assisting the army and other regular forces in professionally conducting its tasks, besides defending the country against any internal or external threats and other missions assigned by the general command of the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF).

Refuting the Rumors

In the last two days, almost all the media outlets aired news and reports about tensions between the SAF and the RSF to the extent of displaying fabricated videos showing tanks belonging to the RSF on its way to the SAF headquarters.

To refute those intended fake news that serves certain agenda of hostile parties that aim at driving a wedge among the regular force, the Blue Nile TV Channel conducted yesterday, a televised interview with the Chief of Staff, 1st lt. Gen.

Mohammed Osman Al-Hussein, first of all, confirmed that the RSF was established following a legislative endorsed by the parliament which was recognized by the Constitutional Document and Juba Peace Agreement.

He referred to the security arrangement items which stipulated the accommodation and merger of the armed struggle movements within the national security institutions i.e. SAF, RSF, Police, and General Intelligence Service (GIS), adding that the mission of protecting the civilians after the UNAMID exit was assigned to the RSF and other security components according to Juba Peace Agreement.

The timely interview conducted with the Chief of Staff is but a clear message that there is no tension, and refutes the allegations of those who are trying to fish in the troubled waters.

It is high time for all the public relations and information offices in the regular forces to establish a joint forum to cooperate, coordinate and exchange views to arrange for a national vision that contributes to protecting and boosting the Sudanese national security.

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