It Hasn’t Fallen Yet!

Osman Mirghani

Last Thursday on the Sudanese National TV Channel hosted a talk show program Lawyer Dr. Mohammed Al-Zain and Mr. Nour Addaim from Peace Group.

In the program, Al-Zain slammed the economic policy of the government especially the recent decisions, but all of a sudden the presenter of the program received a directive to end the episode. It seemed that the presenter did not respond at first, but due to the repetition of the directives, he had to end the episode before its scheduled time.

This policy is not a discovery because the ousted regime was addicted to such practices a matter that made the people look for foreign channels to know what is going on in Sudan to the extent that even the Minister of Information was caught red-handed watching foreign TV Channels to follow the developments in Sudan.

Now and after the revolution, nothing has changed as people are still looking for the developments in Sudan in the foreign TV channels, even though the correspondents of those TV channels are Sudanese cadres here in Sudan.

I do not need to remind the people about the slogan of the revolution which is Freedom, Peace, and Justice because it is no longer existing.

The question that poses itself is what does the government benefit from blinding the people?

What is better for a safe transition to democracy to have transparent official media or continuing the approach of the ousted regime in scaling down the capability of the official media in making a rational public opinion based on transparency and honesty.

Maybe it was an appropriate decision to select Mr. Logman Ahmed as Director of the national TV considering that he is an expert coming from the free media world along with the expertise to make Sudan not only a model in the regional and Arab region but to lead the governance and attract the investments through reflecting the bright image which was tarnished by the ousted regime.

It is unfortunate to say that the ousted regime hasn’t fallen yet

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