Light at the End of the Tunnel… When and Where?

Osman Mirghani

I am confident that our beloved Sudan is greater than all the troubles facing the nation and its people.

But on the other hand, such confidence should be just open wishes on the air without determined timing.

Prime Minister, Dr. Abdallah Hamdok indeed said that he is seeing a light at the end of the funnel, but most important for us is to know the length of the tunnel and where is its end located.

It is possible for Sudan to shift, in a short period, from the land of pains to the land of hopes; but this shift depends on the easiness and speed of such path considering that it is not logical to take a train without knowing its destination or when it will arrive there.

I wrote several times that the key to coming out from this situation is at the hands of the Sudanese people who can give and sacrifice.

But the issue required strategic vision and a clear roadmap so that the people know where are they now and when they will reach the aspired destination.

There are two tracks that should go in parallel and not in succession

The first track is the present economic crisis which is not the make of the transitional government but was inherited as the fuel, bread, power supply, and medicine shortages are permanent crises during all the past ruling regimes. This means that the recipe which we are using is not enough to uproot those crises.

This necessitates the formation of (crisis cell) to coordinate, follow up and supervise the overcoming of all crises including the security tensions, tribal conflicts, floods, and other essential crises.

The second track is the strategic plan which is the main task of all the sectors of the government. The government officials should work in one rhythm in one plan to go in parallel with the (cell of the crises, hence all the crises will be knocked out.

The real crisis which Sudan is suffering is not the price hikes or the lack of commodities or the deterioration of the basic services such as the power blackouts, but it is in that fact that we are a country that is run without vision or plan or roadmap.

What is puzzling me is why doesn’t the government t want to design a clear vision and strategic plan?

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