Maize Instead of Gold!!

Mohammed Saad Kamil

By mere chance, I met with Dr. Shaboun Abdul Aziz, an Egyptian national, who specializes in the production of maize.

He told me amazing information on sorghum which acquired my admiration. I came to know from the information I got from Dr. Abdul Aziz that at a time when Sudan is suffering from the economic crisis and poverty, the country has still chances to come out of its dilemma through planting maize considering that Sudan’s fertile land is conducive for growing this crop.

Sudan land is considered one of the most suitable lands in the globe for growing maize due to its light fertile soil and the equatorial climate besides the several seasons for growing maize.

In addition to the above information, maize growing doesn’t need plenty of water as trefoil (3500 cubic meters for each Feddan against 5000 cubic meters in case of growing trefoil (berseem).

Maize production is considering the third crop in the world following wheat and rice which tops the crops in terms of production.

Maize is the main food in the developed countries and is also food for animals and poultry besides Glucose, Biogas, and amylose
For instance, Egypt’s annual import of maize is from 7 to 8 million tons, which this year is estimated at 3 billion dollars.

Those quantities could be provided by Sudan through growing 2 million irrigated Feddans or 6 million rain-fed Feddans, considering that what is growing in Sudan doesn’t exceed the demands of poultry only.

The Ministry of Irrigation can encourage the farmers to grow maize according to the latest studies to become a cash crop that could support the Sudanese economy?

This question is directed to the Minister of Agricultural.

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