Press the “Reset” Button

Osman Mirghani

The chance is still available for the transitional government to lead an urgent reform to the deteriorating situations to avoid the disastrous scenarios, but we should recognize that the chance will not last for long.

The only available chance now to come out from the track that leads to the total collapse of the state is to press (RESET) button to prepare the country for a new status that benefits from the heinous mistakes committed since overthrowing the former dictatorship.

We mean here the Constitutional Document on which all the errors of the transitional period are attributed, considering that the Constitutional Document is the authority that structured the state and designed the vertical and horizontal relations to the extent that it selected the persons to assume the responsibilities of running the country in all levels.

In reality, the transitional period is lacking up to this moment the formation of the legislative council, the constitutional court, the enormous commissions, etc.

What is worst is that the government is still practicing misleading the citizens by exhausting them with untrue timings, and whenever people ask about completing the structure of the state, the answer comes with stipulating endless matrixes.

The transitional period is waiting for a rational resolution to reconstruct the structure of the state, otherwise, it will come to ruin.

Our politicians are not ready to miss any of the gains they have got after the fall of the dictatorship because when the choice is between the national interests and the personal interests, the reality raises the stakes of the latter without the slightest hesitation.

The politicians deal with governance as a trophy or a prize or in a bit respected word (compensation) for their losses when they were out of governance.

The principles of nature will never allow for the continuation of such a game and definitely, the curtain will fall as happened in all historical eras in Sudan.

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