Railways Transport, Locomotive of Economy

Neimat Al-Naiem

Transport plays a vital role in the economies of developed countries as well as the developing ones. The success of transport depends mainly on the well-constructed and established infrastructure. Countries set huge budgets for transport with its all kinds that the Air, Naval, River and land transport and railways transport is one of these important sorts of transport. It would be preferable among many people for it is cheaper and safety in compared with the others.
The history of railway transport dates back to centuries ago worldwide, Sudan is part of it has a deep-rooted history since the colonial rule in the 19th century. It was established for the sake of colonizers to provide services to them.

It covered all parts of Sudan extended from north of Sudan to the South that ended in Waw in South borders with South Sudan before the session in 2011. It also extended to reach Nyala in Darfur. The most important part of it is that linking the area of product with Port Sudan, the harbor in the Red sea state.

Railways have rich, distinguished, and glorious history the headquarter was established in Atabra in the Nile River state. The main headquarter of Sudan railways represented a small image for all Sudan where you can find all tribes of Sudan working in this vital institution.

Railways transport is considered one of the pillars of economies for many countries. River transport can also play the role that supports any Country. Sudan is capable to rehabilitate this kind of transport for it has the River Nile this gift from Allah to the Sudanese people. Feasibility studies are needed to attract national and foreign investors.
Sudan has backed its seat in the world communities.

It is high time for the Transitional Government to prepare a solid, well-established infrastructure and rehabilitate the transport sector to its real role in the economy.

Lifting of economic sanctions, and removing Sudan from the list of states sponsoring terrorism is one of the motivators to seize the opportunity to reform our economy. Many Countries expressed their readiness to help Sudan to overcome its problems. Either by bridge donations, or by canceling external debts, or by investing in Sudan.

Sudan in bad need to create good partnerships to reform transport sector with developed countries, taking Germany and USA as an example. National experience and feasibility studies can support and enhance the government’s efforts in reforming the Sudanese national economy.

Political stability can play a major role in boosting peace, stability, and security, that the most important factors that lead to economic, stability.

Let us support any initiative to reorganize our home from within. We expect that the three days closed meetings of the cabinet in Sudan came out with strong decisions expect to play a role in this reform.

Let us be optimistic to develop our country. we have rich, valuable, and variable resources. These natural resources can play a role in our economy. We need to exploit these resources for the benefit of our .people We stress hardly the role of railways transport as a locomotive of the economy.

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