Resolutions and More Resolutions!

Mohammed Saad Kamil

The conclusion paragraph of the cabinet’s statement and after several indisputable resolutions read:

Our generous people,

“This meeting came, after 4 months from the formation of the peace government and setting the emergency plan in the recent close meeting, to review the previous plan and respond to the situations the country is witnessing in all aspects, besides setting another plan for urgent interventions based on clear indicators for the remaining six months of this year.

This close meeting was dominated by actual cooperation and constructive discussion on the urgent issue of the people.

The recent economic decisions aimed at reforming the structural distortion in our economy without which we couldn’t activate our resources. But the most difficult has gone and now we are inching to reap the fruits of what we had planted in the recent period represented by writing off the foreign debts and the return of our country to the international community according to which the foreign investment will flow into the country in all important sectors.

Also, the accomplishment of the program of the revolution in resolving the internal issues and to jointly work for making a national accord, besides following up the economy, peace, foreign relations, and security towards resolving the issues of the democratic transition, remains the main task to implement what is remaining from the transitional period.

The revolution was an obligation done by the people with a lot of sacrifices and now they are waiting to see the results of their patience. We cannot say that we have succeeded in fulfilling the aspirations of the people, but we promise to exert all possible efforts to plan and work for a bright constructive future.”


We have been listening to such wording since independence but without seeing any results on the ground.

Any person, even if he is far away from politics, will say the same.

The one million dollar question is why did our politicians fail to implement those resolutions on the ground, considering our rich natural resources, qualified cadres, and strong will?

Let us hope this time that the government manages to implement its resolutions within the current disappointment which the Sudanese are feeling, otherwise it will be just a repetition of the same old story since our independence!

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