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Serious statements from Dagalo

Staff Writer

During a social event, the Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council, Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo, addressed the attendees, saying: There is restlessness among the security and military agencies about performing their duties for fear of being targeted, even though we rejected the plans of the former regime’s employees to break up the sit-in and stood with the people, so why are we demonized?

Without us, Al-Bashir would have been ruler until now, as we are the ones who arrested him and put him under house arrest

Some of these people see that positions are exclusively for certain parties and certain people.

What is my fault? that I get demonized and have my Sudanese identity, and my military rank belittled?

It seems they’ve cut my role into being a fighter in the wilderness, meeting Al-Hilu, Manawi, and Jibril, but I won’t be cheated again…

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