Significance of Celebrating the International Days

Neimat Al-Naiem

Spotlight is a window through which we manage to shed light on one of the issues and topics at the global and national scale. It is my great pleasure to write today my column on one of the topics that most of us pay attention to.

There are few days in the year, that the UN through its different organizations, Civil Society organizations, some activists, worldwide celebrates these days every year. Along with this, these days are used as a platform to spread awareness on many topics and issues facing people around the globe. Most International days or global days are celebrated to create awareness or to educate the community about the topic of concern that needs global attention. These days are considered as occasions to mobilize political will and resources to address global issues in the different fields.

It is also to reinforce the achievements of humanity on a global, regional, and national scale. The social media sites are also concern with the content list of activities for all celebrations of these International days. Experts, professionals from all fields come together to create awareness on the themes of these days which differ from one year to another.

UN is the authority that deals with most global issues that need collaboration from all to reach a solution. Most of the countries worldwide celebrate these International days with its’s different topics such as Women World day on 8th March, Earth world day on 22 April, and even animals have their share in celebration on 4th October, and the Environment world day on 5th June, African Child day on 16th June, Refugee world day on 20th June, etc.

These International days are models of days that we celebrate or remind our people to address some problems or issues facing or threatening our daily life. We celebrate these days and the whole world suffers different global issues, civil wars, borders issues, organized crimes, human trafficking, cybercrimes, illegal migrations that left behind thousands of victims who are still suffering from displacement, refugee, insecurities, instability. In addition to the Corona pandemic, Covid 19 is still threatening the whole world.

Let us remind our leaders and politicians, decision-makers to pay more attention to their people who pay the bill for their decision and policies every day. Let us convey messages to all people who lost their lives for the sake of their nations. Let us salute the Refugees for their patience to reach solutions to their issues. Let us thumb up to those who celebrate or remind these International days. Let us share efforts to overcome some of our problems. Let us shake hands to Support each other to develop our countries to make our people happy.

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