Suspension of negotiations with the Hilu movement

Mohammed Al-Noorani

I spoke in the previous article about the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-Northern Abdelaziz El-Hilu’s raising of the ceiling of its demands, which this time came as strange to its predecessors, such as deleting the name of God from all letters and correspondences of government offices and adopting Wednesday as an official holiday for the whole country instead of Friday and Saturday.

The movement was not successful in presenting its causes for which it was founded since its inception in the Nuba Mountains region… after the late Yusuf Koh Makki joined the movement in November 1984 AD, headed by the late Dr. John Garang… The late Yusuf Koh Makki is considered the founder of the movement in the Nuba Mountains region.

In the previous round of negotiations, the movement adopted issues completely far removed from the issues of the region and its people.. who demand development and services in health, education, clean drinking water, paved roads, and electricity.. with a fair division of natural and agricultural resources, livestock and all the products of the Nuba Mountains region to develop and increase their production.. with real participation They are effective in governance to contribute to the development of the administrative, executive and legislative capacities of the people of the region.. by returning the displaced and refugees to their villages, villages, and cities to enjoy security, safety, tranquility, and a decent life.

What does the citizen of the Nuba Mountains benefit from by shifting the weekly holiday from Friday and Saturday to Wednesday… As for what is related to deleting the mention of the name of God from official correspondences and letters of the state, this is not rational and religiously correct, because most of the people of Sudan in general and the people of the Nuba Mountains, in particular, profess Islam while preserving the full rights of people of religions Others and generous people with other beliefs.

After the movement put forward these demands, it leaves the door open to speculation and conclusions that the movement is not serious about raising real issues and does not want to reach a peace that will benefit the region and its people.. It also supports and strengthens the voices that speak that the movement adopts theses of internal partisan and ideological entities that want to impose ideas on the general public. Sudan and the exploitation of the movement to reach that… But in light of the wave of awareness that swept the margins after the December revolution, Al-Hilu’s task will be difficult to convince the people of the Nuba Mountains to support his recent theses.

There is a question for the leader Abdul Aziz Adam Al-Hilu, did you take up arms and fought in the ranks of the movement as an officer and leader for (8) years and before that for (21) years to remove God’s name from the correspondences of government institutions and change the holiday to Wednesday of every week???

The southern mediation announced the suspension of negotiations between the two delegations of the government and the movement, which is a bad sign and indicates the failure of the round due to the movement’s adherence to illogical issues. Therefore, no breakthrough or progress occurred, so the mediation suspended the negotiations.
The citizens of the South Kordofan region in general, and the Nuba people in particular, must put pressure on the movement and urge it to raise substantive issues that contribute to reaching a permanent and comprehensive peace agreement that enhances security, peace, and stability in the region and Sudan.

A More Distant Vision

The international community and the southern mediation should create the appropriate atmosphere for all negotiating parties, from the government and the movement, without affecting any party.

The Sudanese can conduct a dialogue among themselves and reach solutions to all the disputed issues… if the negative external, regional, and international interventions and narrow partisan intersections

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