The Czech Republic Takes Lead as First European Country to Invest in Sudan after Paris Conference

The Czech Republic Intends to Open Its Embassy in Khartoum

Al-Sammani Awadallah

The Czech Republic has intended to enter into investment in several fields especially in mining, health, and higher education.

A delegation of the Czech Republic has arrived in Khartoum airport as the first European delegation after the Paris conference which was participated by several countries considering that Czech Republic is an EU member state.

The visiting delegation held several meetings with the Sudanese officials including Defence, Foreign Affairs, Industry and Mining, Investment, Health, High education, and Scientific research and Interior.

The Czech Consul in Khartoum, Mohammed Farouq Afifi, said that the visit of the delegation to Khartoum is important considering the capabilities of the Czech in technology.

Desire to Re-open the Czech Embassy in Khartoum

Afifi affirmed that the delegation met with the Defence Minister, Lt. Gen. Yassin Ibrahim where they discussed several issues that resulted in exchanging of experiences and visits between the two countries.

He pointed out that the delegation has met with Foreign Minister Dr. Mariam Al-Mahdi during which the delegation expressed a desire to reopen the Czech embassy in Khartoum to benefit from the investment potentials in all fields besides the bilateral relations between the two countries and the means of boosting it.

150 Sudanese Projects in International Bids

Afifi said that the delegation expressed a desire during its meeting with the Minister of Minerals to renew the geological map in Africa, affirming that Sudan imports indirectly the Sodium Cetide from the Czech Republic which is used in gold mining, expressing a desire to invest in gold exploration.

For his part, the Minister of Mining promised to grant the Czech companies which desire to invest in gold distinguished blocks to allow for using modern technology.

The Minister affirmed that the Minister of Investment briefed the visiting delegation on the new investment encouragement act, affirming that there are 150 investment projects which will be presented for international bids.

6 Universities Express Desire to Open in Sudan

Afifi revealed a cooperation agreement in high Education and Scientific Research, affirming that 6 Czech universities expressed a desire to cooperate with the Ministry of High Education.

The visiting delegation discussed with the Minister of High Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Intisar Sughairoun the means of cooperation and handed the Minister a draft agreement in this regard, adding that it was agreed to grant scholars to Czech students to learn the Arabic language in Sudan besides exchanging of experiences in medical and scientific domains.

Afifi said that the visiting delegation held an important meeting with the Minister of Industry where the meeting discussed the construction of shoe factories considering that raw materials are available in Sudan.

Police Experiences:

Afifi said that the meeting of the Czech delegation resulted to exchange visits for training purposes, affirming that Sudan has imported Radars from the Czech Republic and installed in on the highways.

The Director of Police called on the visiting Czech to support Sudan in its efforts in the fight against human trafficking.

Cooperation In Health:

Afifi revealed a meeting between the visiting delegation and the Ministry of Health General Manager the outcome of which is the rehabilitation of Wad Medani Cancer Hospital besides cooperation in the health field and exchanging of visits.

It is to be noted that the Czech Consul has organized a reception which was attended by the graduates of the Sudanese graduated in Czech Republic universities with the participation of Balinbow bands to reflect the Sudanese heritage.

The Czech Consul said that the Sudanese and Czech delegations expressed a desire to settle the Czech debts on Sudan which amounts to US$140 million.

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