The Spoilers!

Mohammed Saad Kamil

In ancient times the colonization was done through armies, weapons, killing, and captivity. The purpose of colonization is to utilize to the maximum the resources of the colonized country.

But lately, the colonization is done through intelligence activity, bribes, and political incubators.

According to primary information, Sudan extracts about 400 tonnes of gold annually via 500 thousand conventional miners, small-scale and giant companies with a revenue of almost US$23 billion, while the Sudanese citizens are suffering a lot from a complete breakdown in the basics of life, such as food, drink, education, health, and so on.

It is obvious that this amount (US$23 billion) is quite enough to cure the economic crisis if it is legalized through the government institutions, but some countries are exploiting the Sudanese political incubators to smuggle the gold by using high technical mechanisms to execute the smuggling operations through the airports and runways by the huge mafia that provide support to the smuggling from Sudan against a handful of dirhams that might make them rich and at the same time support the countries that do not deserve to benefit from the gold revenues.

The smuggling might cause the death of a Sudanese who doesn’t find the drugs to cure his sickness, or the hunger of a kid whose parents fail to provide food for him, thus destroying a whole society.

The solution is clear, represented by showing the strong political will and adapting the steps the put Sudan’s interests on top, then implementing a mechanism that leads to curbing smuggling operations by enacting deterrent laws.

Last but not least, gold smuggling has a direct negative impact on the citizens in Sudan, considering that the revenue from gold is the only way to come out from the economic crisis.

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