Hamdok’s Initiative

Mohammed Saad Kamil

The regrettable incidents of Eastern Sudan, South Kordofan, West Darfur, and other flaming areas in the country are but a strong indication that the country is heading towards a dangerous breakdown that will affect the unity, safety, and security of the nation.

There are hidden parties that are working to destabilize the country and its unity in this critical moment in which Sudan needs stability and social peace at this stage of heading towards a radical change.

I observed that the timing of such incidents always comes when a glimmer of hope overwhelms the community, especially in the peace process. Those hidden parties start working hard in fabricating and making up conflicts amid the tribal or geographic components to the extent of devising religious and racial problems.

Sudan is a rich country with arable lands and resources including minerals and oil to the extent of considering those natural resources as strategic storage that can provide the globe with those minerals for hundreds of years.

This reality makes the conspirators adapt the theory of not making Sudan stable to enjoy its rich resources to keep it as storage to be utilized when needed by them.

I believe that the initiative of PM Dr. Abdallah Hamdok is the only remaining hope to uplift Sudan, so my advice to all Sudanese is to provide support to that initiative and deal seriously with it to be implemented to prevent the conspires and those of narrow interests from sabotaging and making our glorious uprising a failure.

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