Political Hypocrisy!

Muawad Mustafa Rashid

Political hypocrisy is “the conscious use of a mask to fool the public and gain political benefit”.

Hypocrisy has been a subject of folk wisdom and wisdom literature from the beginnings of human history.

Sadly, though, “hypocrisy” is now routinely applied to any change in behavior, real or perceived, or any apparent conflict between word and deed. The defining characteristic of hypocrisy—pretense, deception—is often not there at all.

The political hypocrisy is that the political figure has more than one stance on the same issue. When he is in the opposition he will have an opinion or stance, then when he becomes in the government (being minister or an official in one of the executive offices in the government) he will have a different stance than that when he was in the opposition.

Political hypocrisy is an international phenomenon and not limited to third-world countries.

Even in the first world countries, there is political hypocrisy, but it could not be compared to what is going in the third world in this regard.

Some parties in the third world countries teach their membership on hypocrisy since the first day of joining the party, so those members grow day after day in practicing the political hypocrisy to the extent of spreading fake news and rumors when they are in the opposition.

But those same parties when given a part in the power shares cake they immediately disregard their previous stance against the government and enjoy the allowances and the governmental prestige.

If we think about making a study on this issue or if we attempt to recognize the reasons for the political hypocrisy in third world countries we will find several explanations.

Hypocrisy is widely classified as a moral vice. But should it be regarded as a vice with wholly pernicious social consequences or one that has a positive and even indispensable role to play in allowing us to live together peacefully? Invocations of hypocrisy in day-to-day politics are invariably negative. Hypocrisy remains the only unforgivable sin.

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