Rapid support is a strong shield against human trafficking

Ahmed Hassan Omer (Hurga)

Rapid Support Forces (RSF) faces a great challenge which represents a dangerous phenomenon and became an obsession and nightmare to all Sudanese regular armed forces in Sudan and European Union countries in the general and international community in particular.

Human trafficking is generally used and understood to refer to the process through which individuals are placed or treated in the situation that facilitates their exploitation for economic gains. Recently in the year 2000, the international community agreed to a definition of trafficking and it was stated that it is intended to prevent suppress and punish trafficking in persons especially women and children. According to its strategic goals, the RSF is concerned with providing protection from illegal migration and curbing human trafficking due to its threat to the social peace and security of Sudan.

The RSF’s efforts in providing the human trafficking and illegal migration and obvious through its continuous activities on the borders and its operations to release the victims from the human trafficking, besides providing humanitarian services, direct health, foodstuff, and other humanitarian aids.

The Rapid Support Forces have exerted important efforts to work for hand–in–hand with other regular Sudanese forces. Human trafficking is the curse of the 21st century and is now organized and administrated by a very sophisticated international network of criminal organizations that utilize the latest technological advancement in committing their crimes. It is considered the third-largest criminal activity after drugs and illegal arms trade. But despite that, the RSF managed to abort several attempts of human trafficking launched by professional gangs.

The major aim of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) is how to face and combat the two phenomena which are representing illegal migration and human trafficking the first goal which the Rapid Support Forces want to apply the decisions according to which the RSF were assigned to protect the borders and confront the illegal migration, and as we know that there are some apparent challenges one of these challenges is that the geographic location of Sudan makes it a target for the illegal migrants especially those from the Middle East, and Fasten Africa considering it as an important crossing point. The Rapid Support Forces know that there is an increase of the illegal migration created a widespread market in the region where the active groups of brokers practice their work through using the social media outlets and most of them are from the countries of the victims a matter that requires exerting all possible efforts to seize them.

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