Sudan Joins European Society

Ahmed Hassan Hurga

Human partnerships between countries have been disturbed and shaken because of tendencies of control and hegemony. Wars were fought which became the reason for the backwardness of a great part of humanity. But what remains is organizing relations in ways to avoid war and support peace.

Sudan’s relationship with Europe was shaped by colonialism, but then there were new generations who tried to establish a new page with the European Union countries. Despite difficulties, Europe had with its former colonies. Europe opened its doors to immigrants. As we are Sudanese we hope that to normalize positive bilateral ties with all European Union countries based on exchange respect and mutual interests and benefits. There are many Sudanese who reside in Europe, they serve as good representatives to our lovely country Sudan, they can play a vital role and contribute to societies there.

But after the events of September 11, changes in the international order occurred that clouded the world with insecurity, suspicion, and fear, thus changing the bright side of human relations when people were able to migrate to Europe to study, to seek treatment, or to reside there. This includes the relations some countries had with Europe, such as developmental relations with Europe that help in utilizing these resources.

Sudan is a country rich in its history and culture that participated in constructing human civilization. Sudan’s history was a theater for Abrahamic. In this land, Judaism, Christianity existed, and Islam spread. These elements intermixed creating a culture and heritage that is a mix of religion and heritage with its arts and literature. When the European Renaissance occurred, it reacted with this knowledge, but it tried to maintain its particular civilizational characteristics. Then, European raised the banner of respecting cultures and civilization, but can we succeed together in establishing a dialogue of civilizations and cultural exchange without tying this to terrorism and fear tactics, but we must work fairly to reach the same degree that the European wishes.

And since the movement of merchandise is tied to standards that specify the types of merchandise and the accuracy of goods, is it possible to establish a peaceful society where goods and interests are exchanged, we live in a political situation where interests are intertwined, where the world is moving into the direction of large blocks, and the European Union is one of these blocks, but will the sovereignty of smaller states be undermined according to the thesis of decreasing sovereignty which hegemonic states try to add to the dictionary of political terms, in which our affairs are no longer in our hands, but in the hands of others, without regard to the theories of sovereignty that is recognized in international relations. How can we establish partnerships in international relations that support the creation of larger blocks such as the African Union so that there may be a more just on peaceful participation? Europe extended its hand to help solve some problems that faced us, but we must say with an loud voice we regret that it did not help Sudan solve its wounds that were in part not caused by Sudan, or in helping Sudan in the areas of peace and technology. We do not beg but ask for a political payment because of what happened to us in some of the pages of history.

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