The Creative Chaos Is Around the Corner

Omer B. Abu Haraz

It seems that some external and internal elements are driving Sudan to calculated steps to a creative Chaos. The idea of ‘Creative Chaos’ was introduced in the world by George Bush during his tenure of Presidency to the USA. It was bolstered and ascertained by explicit words of his Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. The theory of the Creative Chaos says: “If was have an interest in any part of the world is out of our control but falls in the National Security framework of America, we just blow it up into pieces which when they fall we arrange the in the way and pattern that suits us.”.

The process of blowing up is the creative chaos. It worked well in Iraq, the then strongest county in the Middle East, and was out of USA control. The blowing up started with the creation of the Gulf War between Iraq and Iran, followed by the invasion and annexation of Kuwait to Iraq and the forced eviction of Iraq, troops from Kuwait, and finally the invasion of Iraq by USA and UK troops that ousted the strongest leader Saddam Hussein. Now Iraq is the weakest country in the region. Creative Chaos has worked well in Libya, Yemen, and Syria and to a lesser degree in now working in Tunisia, Algeria, and Sudan.

Targeting the Middle East by the Creative Chaos and weakening its regions to strengthen Israel.

Sudan was and is the focal point of the American Administration. Since the early fiftieth of last century, America played a clandestine role in granting Sudan independence for the Condominium Colonization of the UK and Egypt in January 1956 in an unprecedented peaceful transfer to National governance without shedding of blood.

America was the first country in the world to recognize the independence of Sudan a few hours after its declaration. This explains why the Diplomatic cars of the US in Khartoum have plate number 3, (Egypt No. 1, UK No. 2).

This time America is genuine and enthusiastic to help Sudan in its new look after the ousting of the autocratic Islamic rule which stayed for three decades of complete isolation from the international community. America played the same role which led to the independence of Sudan by tight and calculated strangulation of the ousted regime by imposing sanctions when it included Sudan in its list of States Sponsoring Terrorism in 1993 and more severe economic sanctions of 1997.

Not only America is genuinely assisting Sudan but also the Troika (USA, UK, and Norway), and the European Union (UE) especially France and Germany. All those strong and influential global states organizations – Troika and EU are sparing no effort to bring Sudan in the region to play its qualified role in maintaining peace and security in the region together with its role in bringing the anticipated acute shortage in the world. Sudan has all the resources to play the role of feeding the world.

Unfortunately, the Creative Chaos is in the making by irresponsible and self-centered attitudes of the elements of the revolution
The civilian component is now in complete disarray PM Dr. Hamdoklost the last threads of control after the Juba Peace Agreement involves precarious hurdles. Namely, the Demobilization, Disarmament, and Reintegration (DDR) of armies including the Rapid Support Forces (RSF). The second hurdle is the formation of the legislative council, till now parties and movements are at logger-heads.
The High Dismantling Committee of the ousted regime relics under continuous criticism and explicit rejection of its actions by ruling elements in the government especially the Arme Struggle Movements.
Sensitive posts in the judicial system are vacant for months.
Endeavors to bring SPLM-N and SLM of Abdulwahid are sluggish and futile.
The military component is in detrimental passive attack towards acts falling right in its domain, for instance blocking the main highway between Khartoum and Port Sudan, closing an airport in Kordofan in Baleela oil-field by tribal insurgencies.

Hamdok is now helpless and became weak to face such acts. He cannot direct a single army or RSF soldier to protect the integrity and sovereignty of the State.

All of the five points, if left unresolved will lead to a creative chaos that will culminate in an unfortunate intervention of the army which will culminate in an unfortunate intervention by America and UE.

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