To Our Police

Osman Mirghani

Nobody can deny that the police authority is one of the Sudanese State institutions throughout the ages. It kept its record bright regardless of the changes of the regimes and the political ruling parties, unlike other institutions which were always subject to scraping campaigns by each new regime to start from zero.

This is quite clear in its achievements in detecting the crimes no matter how vague they are.

But last week, at Freedom Park in Khartoum, a very strange and disturbing incident took place. Khartoum State Governor and the Minister of Interior were on the main platform attending ceremony of police authorities when some police elements in the gathering started calling for firing the Minister of Interior from his position.

The scene was dramatic on the face of the Minister. From the infiltrated videos on the incident, it is apparent that it was a protest against the deteriorated economic conditions which police forces are suffering, but the official uniform in leading such protests gives negative signals related to the punctually within such sensitive regular forces on which the pillars of the state are built.

All the ranks of police forces are indeed suffering what the rest of the social sectors are suffering considering that the economic crisis is hitting all sectors even the wealthy people, but the approach of the police forces as regular forces should be different from the approach of civilian institutions. The police institution is based on strict discipline and effective structure and because of that their protests should according to that discipline and structure.

A year ago the Sudanese police authorities dismissed a whole patch of the Police college students who were in their final semester to be graduated because they protested collectively against the conditions in the institution a matter which violates the discipline, regulations, and procedures of the police authorities’ institution.

Back to the recent incident of Freedom Park, we believe that dealing with it requires wisdom and insight towards the future of the state and not only the police authorities.

We don’t want the police authority institution to take punitive measures against the violators because this might lead to escalating the agony. It would be better to evaluate the whole situation and contain the incident with fewer surgeries.

It is wiser to distance the regular forces from the general protest behavior.

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