We Are Extremely Sorry Filmmaker Saif

Mohammed Saad Kamil

According to a news article, Sudanese authorities arrested several journalists and media activists including the prominent filmmaker Saif Hassan, besides the blocking of some media electronic outlets.

The decision came in the wake of the 30th June protests which those journalists and media activists were covering.

Justice is indivisible, and injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, but in Sudan, it seems that it is divisible according to the whims of the executors.

I don’t mean here the parties concerned in achieving the justice being on individual bases or on the general policies itself.

Unfortunately in our country, we don’t differentiate between the authorities and that is because we did not adopt the system that differentiates between the three authorities all over our legislative course as we were adapting a mixed system and this is the main reason for our backwardness in all aspects of life.

In short, we are standing in the grey area a matter that causes confusion and turmoil and hinders the implementation of any plans, besides lacking enough patience to pick the fruits of our ideas if any!

We do not apply justice in our daily dealings and according to that the personal interests, compliments, and emotions dominate our rulings, a matter that embeds the injustice culture, so our dealings became ordinary as individuals then it moves to the leadership considering it as acceptable issues for the collective thinking.

The violations that occurred on the 30th of June represent a strange contradiction between a revolution that raised the slogan (Freedom, Peace, and Justice) and justice as one of its principles.

We are extremely sorry filmmaker Saif Hassan on behalf of them!

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