Yes, We Can

Muawad Mustafa Rashid

The revolutionary status is additional energy that is generated when necessary to any person and continues without being fade out until the demise of its causes.

That being the case there is no fear that the current uprising in Sudan might be subject to relapse after the final victory is around the corner following years of struggle.

The energies and the enthusiasm of the youth provided the political movements with all the requirements to make the uprising a success to bring the country out of the abyss.

Accordingly, the youth revolution is on the right track to achieve its slogans and ends a matter that requires all of us to practice the highest degree of self-control and distancing ourselves from rumors to overcome all the expected slipping to retain the country above all the loyalties or affiliations.

Let us hope that the political components raise the collective spirits above selfishness and individualism.

We are confident that things will go well as long as we provide more sacrifices and distance ourselves from self-centeredness.

The inheritance is very heavy for the transitional government, so it is very difficult to resolve all the problems overnight or in few days.
It is almost a mission impossible, but with more premeditation, we can avoid any surprises.

As the final victory is around the corner, it is very important to endure the hardships we are passing and practice more patience.

We should recognize that the transitional government is on the right track through its response to the demands of youth revolution a matter that allowed it to acquire the confidence of the citizens.

The Sudanese scene is now dominated by several attempts of polarization including the deep state with its enormous arms.

The decisive element in the formula of the revolution’s course is subject to the durability of the youth and their ability to overcome all the attempts of circumventing the revolution by internal or external factors
Another important issue is the necessity of consensus among the political forces on a transitional program towards a democratic regime.

The recent initiative of PM, Dr. Abdallah Hamdok represents a remarkable breakthrough as it calls for expanding the transition bloc to include the revolutionary bodies outside the Forces of Freedom and Change, so it finds all the support from the public towards real democratic transformation.

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