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Committee to Follow up on the Implementation of Peace Agreement, headed by the First VP of the Sovereignty Council, Takes Several Decisions

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Khartoum 1st of August 2021 AD — The meeting of the National Committee to Follow up on the Implementation of the Juba Agreement for Peace in Sudan was held at the Republican Palace this evening, headed by the First Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant-General Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, and the membership of the Prime Minister, Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk, and in the presence of several members of the Sovereignty Council and members of the Committee.

During the meeting, the committee decided to amend the presidential decision of the Central and North track committees to become a single decision for the two committees headed by Lieutenant-General Yasser Al-Atta.

The committee decided to hold a meeting, for the Darfur track, headed by Professor Mohamed Hassan Al-Taishi, and another for the two regions, headed by Lieutenant General Shams El-Din Kabbashi, in the presence of the Minister of Defense and the relevant committees from the parties to the agreement and heads of organizations, within a maximum period of two days, to arrive at an integrated program for how to implement security arrangements.

The meeting assigned the committee formed by the Chairperson of the Peace Commission to implement workshops in Darfur to explain the agreement and to continue work to oversee the selection of the governor of Central Darfur by the stakeholders, provided that a meeting will be held tomorrow under the chairmanship of the head of the Darfur track, Professor Al-Taishi, in the presence of the President of the Peace Commission and the parties to the peace process.

The meeting recommended holding meetings of the higher committees of the tracks, each separately, to determine the requirements, to implement the issues of each track in the agreement, within three days, followed by a meeting of the heads of the tracks with the first deputy next Thursday to reach decisions on the implementation of the agreement.

The meeting discussed the decision to form the Civilian Protection Force, whose committee is chaired by the Minister of Cabinet Affairs, and directed the meeting to adopt the name of the Security Keeping Force in Darfur, per the name mentioned in the agreement.

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