Hamdok Is a Savior, Not a Failed PM

Omer B. Abu Haraz

I beg to differ with many who described Dr. Hamdok as a weak and failed Prime Minister. Some admitted that he succeeded in the external affair and failed inside. I think his success inside is masked by the inherited disastrous economic conditions. The most important stimulus to people to go to the streets was the unbearable hardships in getting basic commodities at affordable prices, scarcity of fuel, medicine, bread, and cooking gas. In the last months of the ousted regime cash disappeared. People had to wait long hours in front of the ATMs to get their money in the banks. The foreign money reserve in the Central Bank reached US$100.000 only. The deficit in Trade Balance reached US$5 billion. The second reason for the revolution was the unprecedented corruption on all fronts which swallowed all of the oil export proceeds since 1999 (Ten years before the secession of the oil-rich South Sudan). The third stimulus was the iron grip of the regime which deprived the majority of any kind of social or political freedom.

Hamdok played a clever tactic, which made him appear weak, to defuse a malicious plan to abort the revolution by a smooth change similar to what had happened in a neighboring country four years ago. The attempted foiled change was suggested and designed by neighboring regimes in Africa and Gulf area, The foiled change is manifested by the inhumane, malicious, and back-stabbing steps in the dispersal of the peaceful sit-in around the Army H.Q… Thousands were killed in cold blood and many thousands injured or disappeared. All of the victims were in deep sleep and were without arms. Sadly enough some of the civilian leaders and parties were aware of the plot. The dispersal could have been achieved without any causalities if the dispersal was the only objective. Revolutionaries could have been given an ultimatum to leave the sit-in area after agreeing with leaders of the revolution, similar to what Had happened when the Transitional Military Council asked for removing all barricades in the streets. In few hours all roads were cleaned and the traffic was back to normal.

Hamdok realized and felt the gravity of the plot. He played prudent steps with all components of the revolution and gained trust and confidence in him. He smartly relinquished a sizeable part of powers, bestowed to him by Constitutional Document, to the military. Namely the Peace talks and the economic high committee. Both were chaired by the Sovereign council 2.IC (Second in command), General Himidti together with General Kabashi as a deputy in the peace process.

The second reason which impeded the PM, Hamdok, steps is the sudden disintegration of the civilian incubator, Force of Freedom and Change which is now in complete disarray.

The third reason is the ratification of the Juba Peace Agreement which led to the formation of a new government of members of the Armed Struggle Movements whose allegiance is by far more to their factions than to the PM.

The P.M. is now cruising at a precarious level full of turbulence and thunderstorms which might blow the place anytime.

Externally Hamdok succeeded beyond doubt. He drew the attention and admiration of the first world. He got full support from America, France, Germany, and the EU at large. Now Sudan is free of any sanctions imposed by the List of States Sponsoring Terrorism. Sudan is now back to the international Financial System after being elected to the HIPC initiative. Foreign Debt wrote-off started after the courageous decisions to lift subsidies and floating of the national currency value. This immediately stopped the smuggling of subsidized commodities to seven neighboring countries which will, in turn, reduce imports’ foreign money many-fold and hence reduce the deficit. Floating the pound value hard=hit the dollar traders and banks started to flourish by the flow of dollars.

Finally, Hamdok succeeded in safeguarding the transitional transformation to civilian rule against any coup attempts by the full support of America which is this time is genuine and steadfast to see new Sudan of civil rule, peace, and security leading to successful utilization of its huge natural resources.

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