Hamdok Needs Full Support

Ahmed Hassan Hurga

The first important challenge facing the transitional stage is the achieving of comprehensive peace in all parts of the country in general and war-affected areas in particular. So that the transitional government should endorse the peace agreements with the armed groups in the Darfur region and South Kordofan and the Blue Nile area because there are previous experiments of missing confidence between armed movements in these areas and the former government of Ingaz (salvation), which did not serious to reach to an effective solution, it always eludes from the accords which inked with these armed groups in Darfur or South Kordofan and the Blue Nile area.

Hamdok’s transitional government is demanded to work and focus on achieving reconciliations among tribes and clans through honest mechanisms and exerts efforts to achieve the voluntary returning for refugees and displaced people to their real places and reaching to the pacific coexistence among all tribes in the conflict areas and work hard for the real transformation and restoring peace culture due to qualify the people of the conflict area and capacity building of mankind in the said areas because the peace culture is an important stage for conflict’s conflict management, and the then to removing poverty and improvement the social services, work environment, and production.

The economic situation needs treatments through strategic studies no doubt this needs patience and support from all the Sudanese people to give full support to the transitional civilian government through increasing the production and productivity; this according to my point of view is representing the first strategic challenge facing Dr. Abdulla Hamdok, the challenge constitutes in the reform of the national economy by decreasing inflation and controlling the exchange rate and providing an interest by increasing production and productivity. This factor is linked to the reform of the civil service because it is considered the basic pillar for reaching work performance and its fine quality.

The second challenge is how to link and collaborate between the Council of Ministers and the sovereign council in realizing peace and finding an effective solution for exudations of war in conflict-affected areas.

The priorities are how to mending liquidity’s issue, fuel, bread, medicine, and health system, environmental and political reconciliation all of these are shaping an important factor establishing in economic stability. The reform of the national economy I think is a common responsibility concern all of the Sudanese people to participate in resolving this issue which suffers from several challenges during the former salvation regime which paved the way for spread corruption in the state’s institutions, I would like to explain that this needs the balance of foreign relations and putting the national high interest over the personal interest.

The transitional civilian government under Dr. Hamdok leadership would focus and give full support to the political stabilization, because the economic issue is linked with the political stability if the political reconciliation occurs among the components of the political force and work hand- in –hand honestly with the government of the transitional period no doubt the economic problem will be solved, and also the responding of the political forces which oppose the political status quo I mean that the participation of armed groups in Darfur region and South Kordofan and the Blue Nile to come and share in the real change through serious dialogue this will help in amendment of economic problem, all of these depend on collective work because the stage demands the common work in the upcoming period.

All of us would put hand in hand to work together and stand to besides the transitional government because the responsibility does not concern the government alone, the responsibility of all the Sudanese people who made and created the glorious revolution so that all of us should support Dr. Hamdok till the real transformation complete to the democratic, change and freedom are the emblems of the glorious revolution, this is an opportunity provided for the Sudanese people, they should avail it and do not lose it because democracy has given every person his complete right and offer a better life in our beloved country Sudan.

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