Peace-signatory Armed Groups… Confusion and Turmoil!

Muawad Mustafa Rashid

It is assumed that the leaders of the peace-signatory armed groups are aware of the status of their armies after the signature of the Juba Peace Agreement (JPA).

The JPA has brought an end to the war and opened a new chapter different totally from the war era.

Accordingly, the leaders of those armed groups are assumed to psychologically prepare their troops for the new stage to free them from all the restrictions and ease their return to the community.

But the reality is those leaders are far away from that despite the almost one year since the JPA was signed. That is obvious from the daily violent practices of the soldiers belonging to the peace-signatory armed groups. On the other hand, the leaders of the signatory armed groups justify those violations to the delay in the implementation of the security arrangements.

The daily news about the violations of those troops who are dominating the media is done with the complete consent of their leaders because none of the leaders condemn any of those illegal practices.

Those leaders are not in direct contact with their troops to control their moves in this stage till the completion of the security arrangements.

The JPA signatories should think outside the box considering that their troops will become their human resources after they are integrated into the community through very simple programs that do not need huge budgets. The integration of those troops could be through certain plans to be set and implemented by experts, civil society organizations instead of the present ignorance them and leaving them on the waiting list pending the completion of the security arrangements with their weapons on their shoulders.

Our advice to the leaders of JPA signatories is to provide their troops with the skills of dealing with the new reality. They should qualify those soldiers psychologically and make them busy in useful programs.

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