Productivity and Creativity

Neimat AlNaiem

People in their daily life work hard to be productive at least to provide basic needs for their families. To be a producer needs strong desire and will. First to think about a specific project. To determine priorities. To set plans and strategies and policies.

Economic experts said that if you want to have a successful project, plan for it. Planning is one of the main factors of success. To be a productive person requires personal skills enabling you to develop yourself and to become creative. It is possible to be both creative and productive at the same time. Some people believe that it is so difficult to succeed in business unless you create new ideas supporting your business even it is a small business or giant intercontinental company.

We need specific techniques enabling us to be creative as well as productive. Productivity is measurable but Creativity is not. Being productive requires effective and efficient planning of our working day.

As economic experts said it is important to be a creative thinker in everything you do. For creative thinkers tend to find ways to improve constantly. Being creative helps you power through that project for a class and do a great job.

Youths in particular have different ways to be creative. They have the access to the internet, social media through which can create smart partnerships, ties, and links with the most developed countries to exchange knowledge and experiences. Sudan is described as a young State for more than 60% of the population are youth. It is high time for the youths to lead society as the real leaders of the future. Youth can benefit from the different imitative and programs of training and capacity building that play a major role in supporting works and businesses.

It is important to be aware that part of being successful is trusting yourself or in another way the self-confidence and finding ways to achieve goals. Productive people focus on the quality of work and the development of new ideas.

Successful businessmen make a balance between productivity and creativity by developing and updating their ideas, policies, and strategies to make their business stabled and progressing.

There is a link in a way or another between productivity and Creativity. Although some people are obsessed and fear failure as one of the obstacles facing the business. It is important to make a balance between the two to achieve minimum success.

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