RSF Exerts Effort to Combat Illegal Immigration

Ahmed Hassan Hurga

Illegal immigration is considered a nightmare and obsession for the International Community in general and European Union’s states in particular. This phenomenon represents a great challenge for humankind who became a victim of this negative behavior, which does not respect humanity.

Who, he follows the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) efforts he will see that it exerted and represented more in confronting this dangerous phenomenon because Sudan is considered as a cross country in western Africa and suffered more in combating it despite the complex circumstances through which it passed and still. Sudan believes that the combating of this phenomenon represents humanitarian duty for keeping human being’s dignity and rights.

Sudan is not under external or internal pressure to stop human trafficking and smugglers but is doing this so out of its sense of responsibility, which denies this a bad habit. Despite the circumstances and challenges Sudan is making tremendous efforts to combat this global phenomenon and bears many of the costs while the benefits are reaped by western countries. Sudan offers more goodwill aim to save the victims and free them from the criminal activity, on other words the Sudanese forces respect humanity so that spare no efforts towards these people who get lost in the desert and save migrants from the deep sea, Sudan keens to saving them from dying in deserts, and has committed itself to cooperate with International Community to eliminate this phenomenon. The international community should give full support to Sudan and assist it to confront human trafficking instead of accusing it of not dealing seriously with this phenomenon.

Sudan called on European countries to develop a common formula to deal with the phenomenon. However, Sudan is keen honestly to combat human trafficking and to develop a national strategy to combat it so that it has developed four principles, preventing human trafficking, protecting and caring for trafficking victims, investigating and prosecuting traffickers, and arranging internal, regional, and international cooperation and partnerships, last November, Sudan launched a national plan for 2018 and 2019 to combat human trafficking in cooperation with the international organization for migration (IOM).

The Rapid Support Forces, and Sudanese other Military Forces have played a crucial role in combating this phenomenon and spare no efforts, the forces in coordination with the national intelligence and security services, have managed to stop a human smuggling group this stance shows that the Sudan keenness to fighting those who do not respect the humanity.

In October 2014, Sudan hosted an international conference on combating human trafficking and illegal, immigration that included the participation of African and European countries to work in one glove because the matter becomes common responsibility needs cooperation, coordination, and integration.

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