Sudanese Media and Its Limited Effects (1–3)

Mohammed Saad Kamil

Most of the international media outlets – especially in the west – present a negative image of Sudan a matter that had its influence in the international mentality and that is obvious in linking terrorism, poverty, diseases, malnutrition to the endless list of distortion.

The above introduction is not meant to deny the existence of terrorism or poverty or diseases in Sudan, as all these and others are there; but the issue is not that melancholy which Sudan’s stories are presented to the globe.

There are bright images that must be displayed so that the image is not all gloomy and to show that what is aired is to a big extent truncate.

However, it is the Sudanese media to blame as it failed to present Sudan to the world and left the arena to the Western media to show Africa in general in a way that serves its past colonials.

The Sudanese media failed to reflect the reality of the country and its rich resources and investment opportunities.

There are several reasons which contributed to this on top of which is the weakness of the institutional infrastructure, considering that the Sudanese media is still lagging being a real authority following to reflect the democracy and freedoms to affect and be affected by what is going on around; added to that the fragile resources and capabilities besides the absence of qualified media cadres.

That being the case, the Sudanese media failed to obtain the confidence of the Sudanese people, besides its apparent failure to cross the borders to present Sudan to the world or at least confront the reality and endeavor to change it.

There are indeed some attempts to present bright stories on Sudan through daring investigations to reveal the practiced reality, but high prices were paid after publication.

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