The Gedaref Governor’s Dismissal!

Osman Mirghani

Prime Minister, Dr. Abdallah Hamdok, last week, issued a decision to exempt Dr. Suleiman Ali Muhammad Musa from his position as Governor of Gedaref State.

Hamdok’s decision decreed that the Secretary-General of the state government discharge the governor and freeze all his duties, awaiting a new governor’s appointment.

Hamdok directed the Ministries of Cabinet Affairs, Federal Government, Gedaref State Government, and other concerned parties to take measures to make sure the decision is thoroughly implemented.

The issue of the exempt governor came into light after the Central Council of the Forces of Freedom and Change in Gedaref announced last Friday the withdrawal of confidence from Dr. Suleiman Ali, the governor in question.

The council’s decision came following the video footage that had surfaced that reportedly proved the governor’s affiliation with the dissolved National Congress Party.

The council confirmed that it had no prior knowledge of a connection between the governor and the former regime when he was nominated for his position, and acknowledged its failure in researching the government’s affiliations.

The decision indeed came following the provisions of the constitutional document for the transitional period of 2019, as was the case in relieving the governor of Kassala State some time ago; but we think that such decision should be followed by assigning other figures in filling the post instead of leaving such a vacuum which will have its negative aspect on the performance of the government in general.

In June 2020, the Prime Minister issued a decree according to which he reshuffled the government, and 7 ministers were relieved and their seats were vacant for more than 6 months when the new cabinet was formed after including the peace signatory armed struggle movements in the political partnership.

We believe that the Prime Minister would accept the nominations of the political incubator for the ministerial posts, but if the latter failed to forward its nominations the Prime Minister has every right to assign whom he thinks appropriate to fill the ministerial post in the absence of the nominations of the Force of Freedom and Change.

It would be wise to fill the vacuum by appointing the governors of Kassala and Gedaref states besides the post of the minister of education based on qualifications and experiences afar from power share and political quotas.

It is high time for the government to adopt a protocol for the constitutional posts to control the process, hence promoting leadership skills.

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