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The Security and Defense Council Headed by Daglo Believes in the formation of Joint Force to Resolve Negative Security Phenomena

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The Security and Defense Council held a meeting at the Republican Palace today, headed by Lieutenant-General Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, First Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, and the Council discussed urgent security issues and reports related to peace and internal security.

Defense Minister Lieutenant-General Yassin Ibrahim Yassin said, in a press statement, that the Council expressed its concern about security breaches of a military nature, and the growing phenomenon of exploitation and use of military uniforms in the implementation of crimes that threaten security and social peace by employees of the regular forces and security services, and armed struggle movements. Or those who claim affiliation and subordination to those forces.

The Minister of Defense added that the Council secured the formation of a joint force and gave it the appropriate mandate to resolve negative security phenomena, and emphasized its work in the unified command system.

Lieutenant-General Yassin explained that the Council directed the competent authorities to expedite the approval of laws and legislation that prevent chaos and breach of security and to organize demonstrations, processions, and peaceful expression, in a manner that does not conflict with public freedoms.

His Excellency added that the Council reviewed the plan to secure the oil fields and the potential threats to the production areas and lines. The Council also directed the competent authorities to provide implementation requirements, stressing the importance of developing radical solutions and urgent treatments for social aspects and development.

The Minister of Defense stated that the Council discussed the situation and future of the UNICEF Mission, as well as the position on the continuous demands of Sudan to replace the Ethiopian forces with other multinational forces, and Lieutenant-General Yassin added, “In this regard, the Council affirms Sudan’s firm position on the need for the mission to continue with multinational forces. Ethiopia is not part of composition”.

His Excellency pointed out that the Council affirmed its constant concern for security and citizen issues, and reiterated its full commitment to paying attention and presenting decisions that preserve the rule of law and preserve the prestige of the state.

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