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Abiy Ahmed Affirms Ethiopia’s Support for Sudan “Heart and Soul”

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Addis Ababa — The Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, affirmed today, Tuesday, that his country “stands with Sudan wholeheartedly”, after the recent events in Khartoum.

In a statement posted on his Twitter page, Abiy Ahmed said: “The Horn of Africa is going through a phase in which challenges intensify, especially our experiences in Ethiopia and Sudan in building democratic foundations for societies with the security and stability necessary to achieve the aspirations of our two peoples in development, prosperity, and social justice.”.

Ahmed added: “Whenever there is confusion here or there, and whenever external evil forces notice that we have slipped into internal conflicts or an economic crisis, we see the overwhelming desire of those forces, which plan to pounce on us to impose their hegemony, and their willingness to interfere in our internal affairs and violate our national sovereignty.”.

He continued: “We in Ethiopia – the government and the people – are closely following, with a sincere intention, and fraternal sympathy for what is happening in brotherly Sudan, and it is clear that our agenda in this regard is crystal clear, as it is based primarily on the bonds of brotherhood, a common destiny, and civilizational communication that extends throughout history.”.

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