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Dagalo: We are Committed to the Constitutional Document and “There is no Coup in this Country.”

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The First Deputy Chairman of the Transitional Sovereign Council, Commander of the Rapid Support Forces, Lieutenant-General Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo, said that the military component of the government is committed to the constitutional document and democratic transformation, leading to free and fair elections at the end of the transitional period.

Dagalo added, during his address to the Rapid Support Forces at Karari military base today, that the coup attempt had been well prepared for 11 months, noting that the engineer of the attempt was the same engineer as the previous attempt. Until 12 o’clock this fabrication, if it had not ended, would have been in a different situation. The group that acted high and mighty would have been in another country. We only have two options then, and no third, either we win or we become martyrs…

He stressed that the regular forces are able to thwart all coup attempts, and said: “The people are afraid of the coup. Lie to the back of what is happening, but the crooked ones must be reformed.” He described the government parties as a small, authoritarian group that wants to be empowered” He said: “If every day you open a road, a hospital, and a major, they would have gotten hyped for you, but other than that, they would be gone.”

He stated that the military are committed to the constitutional document, which stipulates the formation of a government of independent competencies, not controlled by parties. Saying, “If someone is caught smuggling 10kg of gold they let them go too easily… We have thousands of reports for impersonators of rapid support, they fine them 10,000 and release them… What we need real deterrent laws.”

The First Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council affirmed that they will not allow a faction to dominate over Sudan, and said: “It is not possible for a small faction to dominate the people of Sudan, and we also do not want to do so…we will stop every wrongdoer in their steps.”

Dagalo called for a confrontation with the civilian component of the media to reverse what was going on in the meetings to find out who is disrupting the work of the government. There is a revolution in it so that we know who is more eager to change than the other.. You are revolutionary in words, not in actions.. We are neither afraid nor greedy.”

He stressed that the military believed in democracy, and said: “By God, we are lovers of democracy.”

The commander of the Rapid Support Forces indicated that some civilians asked him to extend the transition period for 15 years, stressing their rejection of any attempt that would extend the life of the transition in the country.

Saying that the military is proceeding with the democratic transition to reach the Sudanese people to free and fair elections “before the ax falls in the head.” .

Dagalo called for correcting the path with the participation of all, including the National Congress, in ruling during the “transition”, and called for setting a vision for the administration and renaissance of the country, and blamed the government for “Kankasha”, explaining that the covenant dismissed the governors after the Juba Agreement, and he continued, “But the people are not in power.” Pointing out that the powers of the Sovereign Council are ceremonial, and that managing the state cabinet is of the first degree the responsibility of the executive body.

Dagalo called for reconciliation to move on the path of development and protection of the country, and said that we are ready to work with each other without quarrels for the benefit of our country, calling for reaching reconciliation to spare the country instability, explaining that Sudan’s instability drags the region and neighboring countries into instability, and said: “We do not want to return to war.” We turned the page on the war.

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