For a Hassle-Free Transition… (2)

Altaher Satti

The head of the Legal Committee for Freedom and Change, Nabil Adeeb, has another opinion about the date of transferring the presidency of the Sovereign Council to civilians, which is different from the others .. June next year is the date of the end of the presidency of Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, according to Nabil’s opinion, and not November this year, as he stated in more than one meeting during the past days and (I don’t know where they came up with November to transfer the presidency of the sovereign to civilians?), Adeeb asks, and the question reflects the weakness of the constitutional document and the confusion of its interpreters!

This was also confirmed by Muhammad Al-Faki, a member of the Council as Sovereign, in his interview with Sudan TV on Friday, as he asked the Ministry of Justice for a fatwa, explaining: (We were supposed to take over the presidency last May, but the transitional period was extended for a year under the Juba Peace Agreement), and adding that the civilians’ receipt of the presidency – in the document – needs a legal explanation, because the negotiators in Juba did not explain the text, but rather exceeded this (a landmine of a document!)

When interviewing Arko Minawi, the governor of Darfur, last March, and I asked him about the position of the Revolutionary Front regarding the transfer of the sovereign presidency to civilians, and he was more clear, as he said: “During the negotiations, we did not talk about two terms of presidency at all, they came to Juba as a government delegation One, and we negotiated with them accordingly, and things went on like this, and now I hear them say (we missed an opportunity), we told them ‘you were there and you didn’t talk about this!'”

Accordingly, from the sayings of Al-Faki and Manawi, the transition of the presidency to civilians needs a (serious and responsible) discussion. The matter is not settled as some think, and here lies the danger… The street is now fully mobilized, and it is awaiting the transfer of the presidency of the Council to civilians. But, as Al-Faki mentioned in the same dialogue, the issue of the transition of the presidency is a political issue before it is a constitutional and legal one. Therefore, this matter must be discussed urgently and clearly, as it is not wise for it to remain a closed file and for us to remain silent about it!

And if November is the date of the transition of the presidency or even next June, as Nabil Adib says, the forces of freedom need to carry out rapid and broad reforms, so that the political incubator of Hamdok’s government accommodates all those who are upset with them from the forces of revolution and change; Including the Communist Party, then it has to open up towards Sudanese society by offering a conciliatory discourse with the civil administrations, Sufi orders and other (society stakes). Sudan is not only the pioneers of (Ozone Café) and (Atni Square) and Hajjar Farm, so go out to the people and Reconcile with them in the plains, the hills, and the valleys!

If it is a harm that could also prove to be beneficial then the forces of freedom should benefit from the lessons of the coup attempt, the most serious of which is the lack of response from the street to the calls of officials.. they did not come to protect the government of the revolution; The reasons for this neglect must be known and addressed, by conducting transparent dialogues with the youth and all sectors of society through resistance committees and other societal components. Then the forces of freedom are required to evaluate the performance of their cadres in all state agencies, including the Prime Minister, and then make the change according to the criteria of strength and efficiency. ; And not clowning and loyalty. The witness is most of the cadres of the executive body (very weak) and below the level of hopes and challenges of the stage!

The management of resources and societies in the states of Sudan was – and still is – the most dangerous test for the forces of freedom; It has not succeeded so far. As with the vast majority of the rulers (they failed), because they are below the level of this sensitive position. They may not know that the success of the rulers in development, the extension of security, and the improvement of services means the success of the revolution and restoring the people’s confidence in the parties, and the failure of the rulers means that the people wish for other means of governance. Even if they are illegal, such as a coup!

In addition to efficiency and honesty, whoever occupies positions – close to people’s issues – must be distinguished by vitality, acceptance, and creativity. The forces of freedom – in the right of the revolution – erred when they ignored the competencies and then distributed some activists to the seats of governors; It is as if the states are a sit-in. It is the competence that manages people’s affairs consciously and professionally, and with the institutionalization, the goals of the revolution should have been established in the joints of the state and the spirit of society. Let the next governor, in each state, be the one the people have been waiting for for a long time. There is an opportunity; we fear that it will be the last!

The relationship of the forces of freedom with the movements of the Revolutionary Front is worse than their relationship with the soldiers… and all the leaders of the movements; including the silent Akar; They did not react to the coup attempt; Perhaps they wished it a success; To ally themselves with its officers against the forces of freedom. This relationship needs to be reviewed, so that the partnership with the Revolutionary Front is ideal, and not malicious, as is the case now. Unfortunately, the parties of the forces of freedom do not welcome the peace that brought the movements of the Revolutionary Front to power, nor an explanation for the position of these parties is other than the spirit of exclusion in which they grew in.

So accordingly, before the date of the transition of the presidency to civilians, the forces of freedom must fill all these gaps!

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